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Our Community

Barrington is known as a great place to raise a family, due to its excellent school system, proximity to Providence and Boston, and many ways to access beautiful local beaches. While it isn't usually promoted as a retirement community, Barrington has a significant senior population, many of whom are longtime residents. Indeed over 30% of Barrington households have at least one member that is 65+!

Our demographic and health data reveal valuable information about our senior community:

  • Our 65+ population represents 16% of the total Barrington population, amounting to about 2700 seniors. Of this number, 14% are 85+ years old.
  • 24% of our 65+ population live alone.
  • 87% own their own home.
  • The majority engage in preventive health activities such as vaccinations, exercise, and checkups and disease screenings.
  • Over half stay involved with the community by volunteering, joining clubs, or attending events.
  • Yet many face challenges from health problems, including reduced mobility and falls, depression and other mental disorders, and chronic disease.

Barrington Village’s goals are well aligned with our community’s needs. Our top priorities are to provide transportation, home help, social connections, and mental and physical stimulation.

  1. Mostly living in their own homes, village members need our ride service to get to important appointments both for medical and personal care. Our home help assistance also supports their choice to remain living independently.
  2. Our Safety Net service addresses isolation with regular phone check-ins and visits. It’s a way to monitor physical and/or mental decline, to encourage engagement and to offer a point of contact for family members.
  3. Activities and events further encourage social interaction and opportunities for learning and exercise.


Latest data available as of August, 2022 from: U.S. Census Bureau,, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and Rhode Island Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.

For information contact:

Barrington Village                   (401) 400-5599