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About Us 

The Providence Village of Rhode Island was launched in 2015 by a small group of volunteers who believed that aging at home can benefit both the individual and their community. Interest spread across the state and in 2019 The Village Common of Rhode Island (TVC) was formed as an umbrella membership organization to support the creation and long-term sustainability of local villages across Rhode Island.

There are over 150 members of Providence Village, many of whom are also volunteers. Members bring different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to our village and choose to join for a variety of reasons. Every day our members and volunteers provide mutual support, creating purposeful and powerful opportunities as we grow older.

The Providence Village Steering Committee is the leadership group for Providence Village. The steering committee always wants to hear questions, concerns, and ideas from our members – please contact us at

For information contact:

The Village Common of RI     (401) 228-8683