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About Us

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to help Barrington residents stay in the community as they age by offering activities and services that minimize isolation and support independent living.

More About Our Mission

Neighbors caring for neighbors! We are a community-based organization of volunteers working together to make aging in Barrington a better experience.

Many residents want to stay in their own homes as they grow older, close to their friends and familiar activities -- but they need help to do this. Not professional help, but friendly support from people they know and trust. Village volunteers provide that support, connecting members to a wide range of services and activities including:

  • Transportation, shopping and errands
  • Technology help and household chores
  • Social visits and gatherings
  • Educational and cultural activities

This is our mission!

Our Values

We are a local village of The Village Common of Rhode Island (TVC), with whom we share these core values: Generosity, DEI, Engagement, Collaboration, Sustainability.

Becoming A Member

Barrington Village membership is open to all local residents. In addition to the Barrington community, our village currently serves Warren and Riverside, two neighboring communities that do not have local villages at this time. Membership fees are suggested at varying levels to accommodate everyone’s personal circumstances. We hope that the membership fee is never a barrier to joining our village. To learn more about membership fees, please click on Join Us.


The benefits of joining:

  • Social connections with peers
  • Access to member services
  • Invitations to Barrington Village and TVC events
  • Engaging and rewarding volunteer opportunities
  • Monthly TVC Newsletter

For information contact:

Barrington Village                   (401) 400-5599