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Welcome Volunteers! We are glad you are here!

We believe that Volunteering brings meaningful connection, and Volunteers are the key ingredient of a successful Village.

Barrington Village of The Village Common of RI provides important structures to support members and volunteers. These include the following:

  • Volunteers receive orientation, training, back-up and problem-solving support.
  • Volunteers are vetted through a secure national online service
  • Volunteers are insured and training is updated routinely
  • Volunteers are encouraged, but not required, to join as members
  • Volunteers are asked to respect member privacy and uphold the mission and values of our organization

Barrington Village offers a variety of Volunteer Opportunities. Volunteers are encouraged to consider their interests, passions, skills and time in choosing a volunteer role. Volunteering can help us stretch in new ways.

Leadership Training and Development keeps us sustainable. Please consider participating as a new Leader on our Steering Committee, or serving as a Subcommittee Lead.

Volunteer Opportunities

Member Ambassadors: Meet with members to assist in completing an application for membership, which includes identifying services the member may need and/or the member’s volunteer interests.

Safety Net Volunteers: Talk with members, arrange friendly visits and errands, discuss safety concerns, make check-in calls, and identify other supports in coordination with existing services.

Volunteer Drivers: Supplement existing ride services by providing rides for members to any destination within a reasonable radius of Barrington. Drive based on the days and times you prefer.

Home Task Volunteers: Assist with tasks around the home that have become challenging for members.

Communications Team: Assist with updates to our website, and write articles for newsletters and the Barrington Times.

Volunteer Team: Coordinate with Village Common volunteer orientation, recruitment, vetting, training, tracking, support and recognition.

Social Connections Committee: Identify member interests and develop and facilitate participation in social activities and events.

Resource Navigators: Respond to member calls and inquiries. Utilize and update resource information. Communicate requests to Village Common Service Coordinators.

Tech Help: Assist members with learning and navigating technology to supplement existing supports.

For information contact:

Barrington Village                   (401) 400-5599