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About Us

Edgewood Village is a membership organization, a local village of The Village Common of Rhode Island (TVC), formally affiliated in July, 2020. Our leadership team, the Edgewood Village Steering Committee, concerns itself with our village’s needs, plans, and members’ engagement. Steering Committee members are Barbara Schermack Chair; Roberta Hazen Aaronson, Ali Cabral, Sorrel Devine, Michael Fournier, Sharon Gendron-Petroff, Sharon Kernan, Michael Moore, Ellen O’Hara (emerita), Carol Reagan Shelton, Alisson Walsh, and Sylvia Weber.

Our village is represented on TVC’s Coordinating Council by Barbara Schermack and Sharon Kernan. This group provides direction and operational support for all villages.

Membership is open to all. Membership fees are suggested at varying levels, with a “write in your fee” option to accommodate everyone’s economic circumstances. It is our hope that the membership fee is never a barrier to joining our village. To learn more about membership fees, please click on Join Us.


Member Benefits:

  • Connection to peers helping each other as we age in our community
  • Access to all Edgewood Village services and activities
  • Invitations to all local village and TVC events
  • Opportunities for a wide variety of volunteer services
  • Receipt of the monthly TVC newsletter

We ask that our members embrace the core values of The Village Common of Rhode Island: generosity, DEI, engagement, collaboration, sustainability. We encourage, but do not require, volunteers to be members and members to volunteer if able. Making connections with each other and with our community is our aim.

For information contact:

The Village Common of RI     (401) 228-8683