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Volunteering Opportunities

Just as we are a membership organization, we are inseparably a volunteering organization. Our members have needs for and request services. Our unpaid and fully vetted volunteers provide such services ….. and much more!

Volunteering opportunities abound. Our volunteers provide direct one-on-one services to our members. Some also help provide membership-wide services to our members, volunteers, and organization.

Volunteers providing direct individual member services choose the type and times of the service they offer. They then are matched to a specific member service request.

  • Drivers: Provide rides in their own cars to a member with appointments or scheduled activities within a reasonable radius of Westerly (generally 25 miles), or run brief errands for pickup and delivery in the Westerly area.
  • Home Task Helpers: Assist with occasional tasks around the home that have become challenging for members.
  • Technology Helpers: Assist members to learn and navigate electronic devices.
  • Village Friends: Only by invitation, make check-in calls or visits to individuals who might otherwise be isolated.

Volunteers also have opportunities to serve the overall membership, volunteer cadre and organization.

  • Membership Ambassadors: Assigned locally, in response to potential member interests, to answer questions, and visit and help complete a membership application. Thereafter they serve as that member’s “ongoing ambassador” in helping resolve any service issues or concerns.
  • Westerly Village Team Co-Leaders: Help serve on and lead one of our organizational teams to coordinate ambassadors and members, volunteers, office services, technical support, or community liaison.
  • Service Coordinators: Act on behalf of TVC to receive service requests from village members and match them with willing and able volunteers.
  • Special Project Resources: Working with peers to help our village with special needs and priorities that would benefit from the interests, passions, talents and skills of our volunteers. Examples might include recruiting new members and volunteers; planning and organizing our own social programs and connections for our membership; and facilitating access to local and statewide calendars and resources for self-help, enrichment and socialization.

Our Volunteers

Volunteers are the backbone and key ingredient of a successful village. Our volunteers are encouraged to consider their interests, passions, and skills in choosing a volunteer role or roles. Volunteering can help us stretch in new ways.

Our volunteers completely control the time and scope of their involvement. Although unpaid, the return on their investment in serving can be priceless.

Westerly Village volunteers need not reside in Westerly.

We assure all our members and volunteers that our services are safe. Potential volunteers are fully vetted through a secure national online service. The driving records of our prospective volunteer drivers are screened. Our volunteers are trained. Current public health guidelines are followed to the best of our ability.

The process for becoming a volunteer is facilitated by a senior member of our volunteer team. Simply put: Express your interest (in person or via email or phone). Ask questions and discuss the mutual fit. Complete a volunteer application and the vetting process. Choose your initial role(s) and parameters. Get trained. Receive your volunteer badge and start serving!

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The Village Common of RI     (401) 228-8683