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Member Services

Our Services

We offer two types of services to our Westerly Village members: (1) direct one-on-one services to individuals, and (2) group services generally available to all.

The direct services include transportation, household maintenance and chores, technology support, and member-invited “village friend” calls and visits. A member phones or emails a request, one of our service coordinators identifies a willing and able volunteer, that volunteer contacts the member to set a time and date, and the service is then provided. [NOTE: Our volunteers undergo background checks and training.]

The group services provide access to social programs and connections for our membership. They may be planned and scheduled by our members and volunteers, or they may be accessed to other programs within our village network, community or state.

For illustrations of each type of service, click on About Our Services.

Our Members

At the present time, membership in our Westerly Village is open to any full-time or part-time resident of the Town of Westerly. Most of our members will be seniors (age 50+), since our primary mission is to help older residents remain active, connected and independent, as they meet increasing challenges.

Our members benefit by being connected with peers helping each other as we age in our community. They are eligible to receive services offered by Westerly Village and by TVC. There are no fees for any volunteer-provided service.

Westerly Village is a membership organization. Membership dues represent a commitment from members to our village and are tailored to make membership affordable to people of all economic means. Whether for an individual membership or a dual membership (another adult living in the same household), The Village Common of RI suggests a range of membership dues, but provides a “write-in” affordable dues option to accommodate everyone’s economic comfort level. The choice is yours. We hope that membership dues are never a barrier to joining our village. Click on Join Us for specifics.

The process of becoming a member is easy. Simply put, express your interest (via phone or email) and you will be visited in your home by one of our village membership ambassadors. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss the mutual fit and complete a membership application. That’s it!

For answers to the following frequently asked membership questions, click on About Our Members FAQ:

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  • Who can be a member of Westerly Village?
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  • What are the costs of membership?
  • What is the process for becoming a member of Westerly Village?


For information contact:


The Village Common of RI     (401) 228-8683